Victor J. Dougherty
© 2012 from the album “Both Sides of the Veil”
All rights reserved

Far beyond the pale, some people say,
Stayin out late just tempting the fates, some people say;
But when you listen to our songs,
Or the stories we tell;
You’ll find were not different my friend from your coins in the wishin well.

Join me on the fringe,
Hanging by a thread,
Out on a limb, at my wits end,
I’ll be on the fringe

Little left of center, some people say;
Don’t paint by no numbers, I’d really rather play;
Don’t have a dime, no reason or rhyme;
You might think it’s a waste,
But my friend the time we spend is all face to face!


Bridge: All that it really takes is a single leap of any faith,
Turn your passion into pathways lover and I’ll be there by your side,
and join you on the Fringe


Throwin care to the wind, some people say,
Don’t pay them no mind just flyin blind, some people say;
But when we’re dancing in the rain, swaying side to side,
You’ll find your heart knows the steps, my friend,
if you can get out of your mind.