Deeply humbled by a series of fierce life challenges, and even more grateful for the intervention of grace, since 2002, Victor has embarked on a conscious journey of unfolding his soul.

Victor has tremendous experience in guitar & vocal performance grounded in 18 years of playing at fairs, festivals, special events, and nightclubs around the midwest, fronting in numerous bands which have graced festivals from Cincinnati to Denver including Shenanigans, which main-staged at the prestigious Walnut Valley Music Festival. Since his spiritual awakening, however, Victor has taken his musical background and gifts to another level – one that is not, as in his earlier years, about performance and entertainment but rather about inspiration and transformation.

His latest music and lyrics testify to his own path. They record the story of a journey, in which Victor, like many of us, must go into the darkness to discover his true gift to the world. They also represent what Peruvian-American author Carlos Casteneda referred to as a “path with heart,” a term that was later popularized by Buddhist author Jack Kornfield. Victor’s songs also celebrate the life of the increasing minority who veer from the stability of the status quo and, as the title of one of his latest songs indicates, those who live life "on the fringe."

Victor's journey is "pathless" – one that is not prescribed by any particular religion or spiritual teacher but rather, the unique path that only his life will take. Victor’s spiritual journey has been influenced by teachers such as Gangaji, Eckhart Tolle, Jack Kornfield, Krishnamurti, Pema Chodron. Spiritual communities and individuals that have embraced Victor’s work include Unity churches, Centers for Spiritual Living, Pathless Lands Center for Mindfulness and Meditation, spiritual festivals, other non-denominational churches and communities, and more.

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Married Nhien Vuong Oct. 11 2014

My wife and I enjoy co-ministry, spending time with friends and chocolate! Click this pick to go to our wedding site.

My wife and I enjoy co-ministry, spending time with friends and chocolate! Click this pick to go to our wedding site.

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