I have never experienced such profound lyrics and gifted musicianship as I do with Victor Dougherty.  His latest CD, "Symptoms of Ascension" touches not only my heart but my soul.  He has truly found his gift to give to the world.  He deserves our unqualified support to share this with the world. ”

— --Rev. Ben Worth, MBA, JD, Pathless Land Center


Artist mission statement: To raise consciousness one song at a time.

As a conscious singer/songwriter, Victor is an amazingly grounded and insightful collaborator when it comes to working with you, your event/creative director, festival staff or even your congregation to create a sacred space for transformation, celebration, and healing. 

Victor brings an unusual range of both depth and levity, as well as heart-centeredness and thoughtfulness to not only his music but also his presence. Let his voice and lyrics guide you and support you on your way, as you travel through all phases of life's amazing journey.

Peace and blessings!

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